Exact Business Software Solutions

100% cloud-based software as a service

Exact for Manufacturing


Modernise your manufacturing company by integrating manufacturing and accounting with your order, inventory and relationship management. In this way, everything is matched, and you get unprecedented control over your manufacturing.


Calculate quotes with a single press of a button. Mix-mode manufacturing allows you to manufacture in a flexible way. Whether work orders come from customers (MTO, ATO) or to supplement inventory (MTS). The materials and delivery date are connected automatically.


Get sharp insight into the turnover and profitability per customer or (multi-layer) product. Compare estimates with the actual costs per work order. Follow all automated processes in real-time from anywhere for ultimate control.


Benefits include:

  • Calculate highly competitive quotes extremely rapidly.
  • Manage your manufacturing company with work orders.
  • Gain thorough insight into the margins.
  • Work in a lean way thanks to the manufacturing dashboard.
Exact for Wholesale & Distribution

Wholesale & Distribution

Continue to add value and maintain healthy margins. This integrated online business software gives wholesalers full control over both their logistics and finances, as well as strengthening their position in the supply chain. With Exact everything is tied together and automated, everything is under control.


Inventory, Accounting and CRM in 1

Integrate order and inventory management with your accounting & CRM. Save time and gain real time insight into the entire supply chain.


Gain complete control over your stock

Optimum levels of stock. New levels of efficiency. From drop shipment to multiple warehouses and locations – we’ve got you covered. Set maximum stock levels and reorder points. Connect your webshop and scan application for full insight.


Improve customer satisfaction

Instant access to key information. The latest figures on stock positions, cash flow and margins – all in one dashboard. Including alerts and to do’s. Allowing you to deliver the services your customers expect.

Project Management

Exact for Project Management is ideal for IT-services-, consulting and advisory agencies. Deliver profit-making projects constantly by integrating advanced project management with time tracking, invoicing, accounting and relationship management. And with subscription and contract management you can seize new opportunities to allow your business to grow.


Our advanced project management software offers you control over, and insight into your projects. From issuing the quotes or scheduling your colleagues to invoicing all tracked hours and costs – nothing will slip past you. Absolute control. A must for the pros.


In addition to your projects you can also manage subscriptions and service contracts complete with strong reports for recurring revenue and expected turnover growth from subscriptions. Essential for businesses that work on a subscription basis.

Benefits include:


  • Sell, plan, implement projects and invoice with one integrated package.
  • Rapidly present highly competitive quotes and protect the margins.
  • Track time and bill online from anywhere and send out invoices in no time.
  • Gain unrivalled insight into costs, turnover and capacity per project.

Why choose an Exact certified partner?


  • End-to-end expertise that matches your business needs to the right cloud software.
  • Complete range of industry-specific software products, apps and services to deliver the precise capabilities you need to drive growth.
  • In-depth knowledge of the latest cloud developments and how they can work for your business.
  • Seamless, smooth set-up backed by ongoing specialist support to help your business succeed.